A light breeze emanating off a body of water is a palpable feeling. There’s a subtle elegance to it that’s hard to put into words, yet it’s this feeling that might best encapsulate what Daniel Lee has sewn into the fabric of his first collection as Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director.

It’s fitting, in a way, that the designer renowned for his evasiveness would craft a debut Fall 2019 collection that is as subtle as his shadow yet as elegant as his modernist take on the craft. Still, for the new chapter of Bottega Veneta, Fall 2019 isn’t all whispering threads and meticulously crafted leather garments — though there is enough of that to go around.

The new Bottega Veneta under his creative eye has been just as much about preserving the legacy of Bottega’s intrecciato leather weaving as it was about bursting through the seams with modern takes on knitwear and silhouettes that cut through the gender spectrum, including sheer turtleneck tops for men and expertly tailored suiting for women.

To celebrate this new era, we packed up our favorite pieces into garment bags and hit the road to breathe a taste of breezy seaside air into the clothes. Click, swipe, and scroll through to dive deep into Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2019 collection.

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Before you get too stuck in the seams and leather straps, head to Bottega Veneta to see the full Fall 2019 collection and keep your eyes locked for more of our ongoing exploration into the bold new age of Bottega Veneta.

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