Neumel Nation.

Welcome to Neumel Nation, a state of mind that captures the legendary care-free vibes of UGG and their iconic chukka, the Neumel Boot. Built for maximum comfort and durability yet dripping in style, these extremely effortless kicks combine streetwear cred with top-notch craftsmanship.

It’s more than a shoe, it’s a movement propelled by those who are defying convention and changing culture, one step at a time.

UGG broke the mold for what a cozy cold-weather boot should be in the eyes of consumers. With a heritage built upon timeless California cool, UGG evolved with a little help from some friends.

After tapping into the international high fashion scene a few years back, UGG turned to collabs with brands like BAPE, Eckhaus Latta, and designer Heron Preston. Now they’ve injected that street cred and energy into their revamped Neumel Boots.

Luka Sabbat.

Luka Sabbat is a model, actor, and creative entrepreneur known for being unapologetically raw and fully himself. Fueled by a passion to create and a distinct vision, Sabbat is a fixture at fashion shows around the world where his innate sense of style is always on full display.

He embodies what the Neumel Nation is all about: bold, unrestrained self-expression, effortless vibes, and all around realness.

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Words by John Lockett
Senior Features Editor